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It gives me great pleasure to welcome all participants to the 34th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, to be held from 1st to 3rd June 2018 in Guadalajara, at the fantastic sport hall Pabellón Multiusos. From the Royal Spanish Federation of Gymnastics and on behalf our gymnastics family we will welcome you with all the affection of our fans that they understand and love the sport and appreciate the efforts you have done to get here. We will continue supporting the organization of large gymnastics events as we have been doing until now, with the invaluable help of our institutions and sponsors, and will continue to support all entities with such enthusiasm and professionalism, as is the case, organized international tournaments in Spain I also want to especially thank the City Hall of Guadalajara that still committed to organizing major gymnastics events, specially in Rhythmic Gymnastics, such as this 34th European Championships, which places the city of Guadalajara as a worldwide reference in Rhythmic Gymnastics, thanks to the enthusiasm and support has been achieved to realize this project. On behalf of the Spanish gymnastics, I thank you I also want to acknowledge the assistance of the sponsoring firms and partners that with your help will make this competition will be a success and to all the volunteers and staff of the Organizing Committee.


Antonio Román – Mayor of Guadalajara

It is such a great honor for Guadalajara for hosting the FIG World Challenge Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics for the third year in a row, as well as the trustness that the Spanish National Gymnastics Federation give us once again in this year, when we hold the title of European City of Sport.

Among the 230 events that we are going to celebrate, it stands out as one of the largest in terms of the significant number of participants, which will be even higher than in previous editions, and because it will be the prelude to the European Championship, which will take place in June.

Through these lines I would like, one more year, to welcome you to Guadalajara, a city that receives you with open arms and that has passion for sports and special weakness for Gymnastics events. In fact, the promotion of sports activities is one of our political priorities, aware that its practice is the seed of a healthier society.

The fact that Guadalajara can be a witness of the performances of the best gymnasts in the world, offers our neighbors the possibility of being caught up in by the values that come from these sport events:

El que Guadalajara pueda ser testigo de las mejores gimnastas del mundo, ofrece a nuestros vecinos la posibilidad de que se contagien de los valores que desprenden estas citas: Healthy competitiveness, effort, ability to improve. Therefore, events like this, besides being a spectacle for lovers of this sport, encourage many people to practice it. That is what interests us and what concerns us: that every day more people play sport in our city.

And this is the reason why we are going to put everything on our side so this World Challenge Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics will be once again a great success.

Antonio Román Jasanada
Mayor of Guadalajara

Antonio Román – Alcalde de Guadalajara

Es un verdadero honor el que Guadalajara pueda acoger por tercer año consecutivo la Copa del Mundo de Gimnasia Rítmica, como lo es el hecho de que por parte de la Federación Española se vuelva a confiar en nosotros especialmente en este año, cuando ostentamos el título de Ciudad Europea del Deporte.

De entre los 230 eventos que vamos a celebrar, éste destaca como uno de los de mayor envergadura por el importante número de participantes, que será superior al de ediciones pasadas, y porque constituirá la antesala del Campeonato Europeo, que se desarrollará en junio.

A través de estas líneas os doy, un año más, la bienvenida a Guadalajara, una ciudad que os acoge con los brazos abiertos y que está entregada a la Gimnasia Rítmica en particular y al deporte en general. De hecho, su fomento es una de nuestras prioridades políticas, conscientes de que su práctica es el germen de una sociedad más saludable.

El que Guadalajara pueda ser testigo de las mejores gimnastas del mundo, ofrece a nuestros vecinos la posibilidad de que se contagien de los valores que desprenden estas citas: sana competitividad, esfuerzo, superación. Por eso, eventos así, además de ser todo un espectáculo para los amantes de este deporte, animan a muchas personas a practicarlo. Eso es lo que nos interesa y lo que nos ocupa: que cada día sean más las personas que practican deporte en nuestra ciudad.

Vamos a poner todo de nuestra parte para que esta Copa del Mundo de Gimnasia Rítmica sea, de nuevo, un éxito.

Antonio Román Jasanada
Alcalde de Guadalajara

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